Since I began my Aikido training in 1982, the struggle it seems at virtually every dojo I’ve visited is always to find the balance between “selling out” by commercializing operations to keep afloat financially vs. maintaining the integrity of the art, while sacrificing the financial well-being of the organization.  I’ve often seen (and indeed experienced first hand!) scenarios where the 4th or 5th dan dojo-cho pays more out of their own pocket each month than their students pay in monthly dues.  Not just for a month or two during a troubled economy, but for years on end!

Through consulting I’m able to contribute to the perpetuation of the art by supporting the common mission of all aikido dojo around the globe by facilitating individual dojo-cho find their unique way to help their dojo not only survive, but thrive, while keeping the integrity of the art in tact.  Even in the worst economy. is designed as a tool toward this end.


I’ve conducted seminars in various cities around the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe.  I travel to Japan every year to train with my sensei, sempai and other top instructors and practitioners and to participate in international Aikido demonstrations.  To request a visit or learn more, contact me here.


With a dojo in Santa Barbara, CA and another opening soon in Los Angeles, I’m just minutes away from Hollywood.  I’m available to martial choreography – fight scene choreography, if you will.  Contact me here.